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Author's Inspiration

Brittany Holmes has a passion for educating children. It began with writing on her teachers‛ chalkboards after school. Her favorite feeling was the silky, smooth chalk caked on her fingers. Fast forward many years later, Brittany found herself a mom to Triston, a boy with special needs. Being an educator, she never imagined that she would have a child who struggled academically. Triston is also on the Autism spectrum; and Brittany soon realizes the same feelings that were soothing to her growing up, irritated her son.  As much as she loves Triston, she could not deny the difficulty in raising a child with special needs. A huge support to Brittany was her mom, affectionately known as “Nana”. Nana doted on Triston, and displayed patience with him during his most difficult times. Brittany Holmes is also the author of the "212" series. Brittany has been an educator for over 20 years.  She remembers watching a parent trying to register their child for school.  In order for the child to be quiet and not bother the parent, the child was handed a device.  When the parent wanted their phone back because they had finished registration, the child  threw a fit.  They screamed and started kicking.  The parent handed the device back and immediately the child calmed down.  She witnessed many incidents similar to this over the years.  So, when she started the 212 Trilogy, a lot of her personal feelings about technology's impact on people, inspired  her writing. The first book in the series, "The Writ 212" was written and published 7 days before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the world.  Many, who were closed in during the pandemic, read her first book "The Writ 212" and found eerie similarities to the content and the state of the world, calling the book insightful and ahead of its time. During the pandemic, Brittany released the prequel, "The Warnings 212" which delves into the lives of her characters.  Again, readers found many parallels to the world's future and the books contents.  Readers of the 212 series share similar concerns about where the world is headed  if we continue our dependency on technology. Brittany enjoys writing about her passions and uses both the children's book series and science fiction series to share knowledge, spread consciousness, and build relationships with those who have similar thoughts and experiences..  

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The Movement

I so desperately want anyone who reads my books to join my movement.  I encourage everyone to intentionally disconnect from technology; tab into your God-given talents, spend time with your family, and make your days meaningful.  STOP SCROLLING.  

When I started writing my books, the number 212 kept coming to my head.  I felt like it meant something and so I used it in the titles of my science fiction series.  Now, I am using that same number and giving it even more meaning.  For 2 hours and 12 minutes, I promise to step away from devices.  I want to let my mind breathe and clear my head from all the noise.  I hope that you choose to join me as we reconnect to our source, our creator, and find our purpose.

Let's hear how you used your 2 hours and 12 minutes.  Click the link below.

Show Your Support  with 212 Movement Items

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