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Adventures of the Terrifying Toothbrush

COVER Terrifying Toothbrush Feb20.jpg

Adventures of the Sneaky Shoelaces

Adventures of the Sneaky Shoelaces Feb20.jpg

Adventures of the Big Boom Bang


Triston hates brushing his teeth because the bristles feel like prickly spikes. He makes promises to brush his teeth, be each time he makes a promise, he has his fingers crossed behind his back. After one night at Nana's house, were abnormal things happen to a seemingly normal toothbrush, Triston returns home and never has a problem with brushing his teeth again.

Triston has a really hard time tying his shoelaces. No matter how many times his mom shows him how to tie his shoes, he just doesn't seem to get the hang of it. One day, Triston gets some special shoelaces from his Nana and finds out the laces have powers that may lead to more trouble than they are worth.

Triston and his mom go out for the Fourth of July, but unlike the other children who love the glitter and loud boom of the fireworks, Triston can’t stand it. He can’t figure out why anyone would want to be around so much noise. An irritated Triston is about to ask his mom to go home, when all of the sudden, the fireworks show is interrupted by none other than his Nana. The show takes a unique turn and Triston changes his mind. He decides to stay and finds himself enjoying the fireworks after all.

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