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The 212 Series

Second World: The Warnings 212

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Sacred Word: The Writ 212

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Solomon is rattled when a dream about the end of the world feels so real that he decides to tell members of the EAD (Elders Against Devices).  He befriended the EAD after his wife died of cancer and the YSW (Youth of the Second World) took control of his children. The YSW are an elite group who rely on technology for every aspect of their lives.  Their addiction to technology and the need for social approval made them vain and corrupt. They have disappointed and disobeyed the creator (Jah). Jah uses the release of an app to destroy them, vanishing everyone with the exception of Elders and the unexposed (infants who have not seen technology).  Jah saves these groups to begin the Third World.   In the Third World, the Elders set up a village named Eirene where life is peaceful and technology does not exist.  They are grateful to Jah for being saved and show their allegiance to him by reading The Writ regularly and sacrificing devices left over from the Second World.  But when a villager finds a working device from the Second World, and neglects to throw it in the sacrificial fire, he unlocks secrets that cause a rift in what was once a peaceful community.  The villagers of Eirene soon feel torn between their faithfulness to Jah or knowing the secrets of the Second World.

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