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The first person to get my novel, Second World: The Warnings 212, into the hands of a person connected to the film and entertainment industry, has a chance to receive $1000.
You must:

  • Have proof that this person is connected to the industry.  Proof will be verified by Brittany Holmes.

  • Industry connection should show strong pathway to one of the big 5 publishing houses, TV, or film.

  • The person with the industry connection must be willing to show evidence they have the book and will read the book.  They should state that their purpose for reading is to support its pathway to TV or film. 

Evidence of the connection can be supported in a variety of ways:

  • Picture of person holding the book.  The individual should be willing to write a review or show support for the book.

  • Text or social media message directly to me letting me know they have the book, and they are willing to share it on their platform or write a review.

  • Emailed picture of the individual with my book sent to (  The individual should be willing to write a review or show support for the book.

      or other method approved by Brittany Holmes

  • If your connection results in a contract deal where a percentage of the proceeds from the contract deal between the industry and Brittany Holmes result in a lucrative financial benefit to Brittany Holmes, a potential for a contract between Brittany Holmes and the individual who made the initial connection, may be negotiated where the percentage for supporting the novel will be 10% of the percentage of what the author, Brittany Holmes, is receiving from the contract.

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